Interactive print set to cause a stir
Friday 29 May, 2015
Interactive print, made possible by apps such as SmartPicture, is just beginning to prove its worth in the mainstream media.

Already in use by a number of magazines, linking printed features with related online content, the technology is now being tested by consumer brands eager to unlock its marketing potential.

It is here we believe the greatest value of print-to-mobile solutions lies. Our own experiences with SmartPicture, working with major sporting teams like Hull Tigers and Hull KR, demonstrates the value it can bring to marketers and advertisers.

Both teams have used the app to link their printed programmes to online content, providing a richer match day experience for fans.

For many brands print advertising remains an important way of reaching their audience, but adding an online component not only helps them communicate with a tech-savvy generation, it provides a platform unrestricted by physical pages and paid-for space.

It is our prediction that as the proliferation of smart devices continues, interactive print will become the dominate way print media, be it news, leisure publications or marketing, is consumed.

Of course it has its critics, but anyone who thinks it’s a gimmick is missing the point.

After all, just a few short years ago social media was regarded in the same way but the migration of companies to Twitter shows how misplaced this view was.

Interactive print is set to cause a similar stir, led by innovations like SmartPicture. And as it provies its worth to marketers, we think it will do that much, much, quicker.
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