SmartPicture gives AR a reality check
Friday 29 May, 2015

One of the questions we often get about SmartPicture is whether or not it is based on Augmented Reality (AR). In actual fact it isn’t, it is based on Digimarc’s pioneering technology and, as you would expect to so say, we believe this to be superior to AR. But this is not a hollow argument, there are reasons for it, reasons we believe will convince you too. SmartPicture brings with it a number of benefits AR can’t match, which include: 

  • SmartPicture is a “deterministic technology” whereas AR is based on image recognition, which is “probabilistic”. What this means in practice is there is scope for false positives in AR.

Because AR works by comparing a scanned image with those in a database there is a danger that it can be triggered by images similar but not identical to those in the database, meaning the system is not completely robust. SmartPicture, on the other hand, is all or nothing. It is not subject to the type of confusion that can foil AR.

  • SmartPicture allows great flexibility when using adverts across a range of situations. Whereas AR can only direct the user to a generic piece of content from all the adverts, regardless of location or type, SmartPicture can be set up to respond differently in different advertising contexts, allowing the advertiser to offer a broader range of content and giving the user a richer and more varied experience.

It also enables advertisers to track exactly how many scans they have had in which publications and record consumer behaviour after the scan.

  • SmartPicture is supported by 17 years of development and the underlying technology is protected by 900 patents granted and 400 patents pending in the USA. By comparison, AR is a mere stripling.

  • The technology underpinning SmartPicture is driving and enabling multi-channel engagement to a far great degree than other, similar platforms. The developers are currently optimizing audio versions of the technology and in store location technologies to enable even broader cross-channel consumer engagement for retailers and their brands.

AR, on the other hand, just recognises pictures.

So there you have it. AR might be gaining popularity but it is not the complete package. SmartPicture can deliver levels of engagement which as yet, simply aren’t a reality for AR.

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