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Friday 29 May, 2015

Here at SmartPicture we love labels and packaging. Clever designs, bright colours, cool graphics and plenty of consumer information – what’s not to love? Oh, and our sister company Springfield Solutions prints a few of them too. Around 100,000,000 this year in actual fact, so we know what we’re on about! 

But labels and packaging have always caused marketers a headache. Fitting logos and graphics around essential information, offers and promotions while trying to maintain an attractive design can be a challenge, and as regulations governing what brands must tell consumers become ever more prescriptive, the problem is likely to get worse, not better. 

But marketers are missing a trick. Over the years, since some bright spark decided there was more to labels and packaging than just protecting and identifying products, it has evolved to meet the challenges of the age. It must do the same now as technology opens up whole new avenues for brands to explore. 

Interactive print such as that achievable via our SmartPicture app means labels and packaging no longer stop at a physical wrapper around the product. Indeed, those physical assets become transformed into a gateway to an online world as rich and engaging as the imagination dictates whether that is links to promotions or other products, games, social media profiles, engaging videos, important customer information or anything else likely to give the consumer a memorable experience. 

With the simple scan of a phone labels are no longer just labels and packaging is no longer just packaging. They are integral parts of a 360 degree marketing strategy that enables consumers to access far more than the product they have bought. They complete a cycle that used to end as soon as the packaging was discarded. 

So come on marketers, get with the game. Interactive print gives you the ability to fundamentally change how customers engage with your products and brand, and deliver a host of cool content. Now they’re the kind of labels and packaging we really love!

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