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Friday 29 May, 2015
Earlier this month we spied a piece in the Telegraph about how technology is driving a revolution in personal healthcare which could help transform the NHS.

It is an interesting read in which health secretary Dr Dan Poulter described how tablets and smartphones are giving patients more options in how they engage with healthcare professionals, particularly those who struggle with time or travel arrangements.

And as patients can increasingly monitor various conditions themselves, such as diabetes, cholesterol levels and blood pressure, technology has the potential to empower people to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

This is good news all round as targeted investment in healthcare technology will certainly deliver better care to patients while freeing up more money to provide that care. And as the article predicts that by 2018 nearly three million people are expected to have at least three long-term medical conditions like diabetes and dementia, it can’t come soon enough.

But healthcare technology can play a bigger role than just helping people contact their GPs’ or monitor an existing condition, it can help prevent illnesses from developing in the first place. There are already a myriad of health apps available offering dietary and fitness advice, or guides to performing CPR in case of emergency, and as time progresses many more uses will emerge.

Our own app SmartPicture has been making waves in the healthcare sector for some time now. Global consumer health company RB employed it to help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance by implanting SmartPicture technology into its internal newsletters, enabling employees to access to the most up-to-date information about the problem.

RB has also incorporated SmartPicture into a health education booklet which it distributed to around 14,000 pharmacists across the UK. The app links the pharmacists to the company’s RB for Health website – a rich resource providing videos and web pages dedicated to the treatment of everyday medical conditions.

It is functions like this that mean healthcare technology could have a profound effect on care across the board, on the NHS and ultimately on the quality of life of countless people. As technology expands further into this incredibly exciting area, we hope SmartPicture will play a small but significant role in boosting the health of the nation.
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